OUR GOAL is to provide you with an easily understood format that will enable you to make more effective personal and business decisions by staying in tune with the natural rhythms of the universe. Though our site not will enable you to eliminate all disharmony from your life, it can certainly help you to eliminate.

This is AN INTERNATIONAL PROJECT. The leaders of our team have extensive experience and advanced degrees in physics, psychology, computer science, literature, and engineering (with 28 patents to their credit). Some members of the team have developed professional psychological and astrological software; others have taught in universities or colleges; all have published articles in professional journals dealing with science, astrology, or other subjects. Two have published books in astrology.

THE LEADERS of our team are:

 - Vitaliy Vaisberg, Ph.D., Denver, Colorado.


- Tim Lyons, M.A., Denver, Colorado.
    Vice President, Public Relations.

        - Sergey Orekhov, Ph.D., Kharkiv, Ukraine.
   Vice President, Web Development.
        - Sergey Kurapov, M.S., Moscow, Russia.
Vice Presivent, Software Development.

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